Scape Goat is a social deduction board game for 3-6 players. Your gang of criminal goats has just pulled off a grand heist, but the cops are closing in, and someone has to take the fall. Everyone at the table is trying to pin the crime on the same player, all while that player has no idea what is happening. But be careful, because that player could be you!
"Scape Goat takes the niggling worry that everyone is against you and transforms it into a brisk card game that's packed with more anxiety than a half-dozen other social deduction games combined."
--Dan Thurot, SPACE-BIFF!

"I can't wait to play it again. It was marvelous. Quick, engaging, paranoia... I think that it's another triumph from Jon Perry. I was a huge fan of Scape Goat."
--Mark Bigney, So Very Wrong About Games Podcast

"My overwhelming feeling since playing it is wanting to replay it. It felt really, really unique."
--Neilan, Board Game Barrage Podcast

"It really is a clever game. It brings the paranoia that a lot of these games have...and gives that feeling to everybody. I find that deliciously interesting. Dice Tower judgement: approved!"
--Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

"Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. With Scape Goat, we have a social deduction game that turns the genre on its head...Not only does the game provide a fresh, exciting, and paranoia-induced experience, but it does so within an attainable range of 3-6 players in addictively quick 20-minute sessions. I can't wait to break this out again and again with different people and unique personalities."
--Nick Murray, Bitewing Games

"In short, this is a brilliant and innovative game, one of the best quick games I've played. Every session has been great fun, and many times there are shocking and hilarious revelations."
--Joey Vigour, Vigour Games

"It's bubbling over with suspicions, paranoia, intrigue - and if those things do it for you, Scape Goat delivers in spades."
--Sam, Games Night Guru


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